vandalvandal (vandalvandal) wrote in findingyourself,

Hi everybody. :) 

So...I'm starting over, I guess.  I was one of those people who devoted themselves entirely to one person, and gave up everything else in my life as a result.  And now that's over, abruptly and unexpectedly.  After that, I got kicked out of my house by my parents, and that one guy is out of the picture, and I'd been terrible to my friends, so we'd become alienated already, and now I'm left with me.  Which would be way easier if I had any real sense of self, outside of what used to be my world.

So I'm building myself up from scratch now, from almost nothing to what I hope one day I'll be, and be confident of.  I thought I'd say something here.  I've got lots of hope, and love for everyone, and I just thought I'd say something here.  

This is a rad idea for a community.  I hope everybody finds something to look for.

You're all beautiful.

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