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louise hunterb2b

Ohhhh dear i have a dilema!

Ok where do i start, well first off i went for the interview last week for subway, that went well.
I got a phone call the other day to say that i had been selected for a group selection with asda, i really want the job with asda as i have worked with them before and they are a good company to be with, plus when i become a student i need for them to be flexible for me as, i will need to have my hours cut, subway will not be able to do that, well least i don't think they will.
Now the fun begins, i got a phone call yesterday from subway, saying that the manager would like to meet up with me, to make her final decison, i said that was fine and i agreed to meet her today.
I thought about it for a quite a while and thought, i am going to phone them back and and say to them can i meet up on the wednesday instead,(to buy me more time with asda,) as with subway they are wanting someone to start straight away. as she did orginally say wednesday, or the monday, but i picked the monday as she did not tell me what time on the wednesday, the wednesday is when i have my group selection with asda, but the group selection is not until late afternoon, the subway meeting is early morning.
When i phoned subway up today saying that i could not make it today, the manager was fine with me but said that she was going to make her mind up today, but cos i am there top choice, she said that she will hold off until she sees me, the job thats available is 35hrs, which is great!
It is just such a mess, arghhhhhh!!, what do i do? do i take the job in subway and still go to the group selection at asda? or do i turn down the job in subway and then could end up with nothing argghhhhh!

Please help
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Apr. 4th, 2007
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